Being a wife and mother are the two greatest blessings in my life.  The love I have for my husband and the love I have for my sons are two very unique and life consuming loves!  Motherhood has made me a better wife and woman.  If I could capture every smile, coo, conversation, look of accomplishment, tear, tumble, and laugh, I would, but sadly I can't do that because if I were to try, I'd miss the moment.  That's why I love to capture those moments for others.  I want you to have those special moments captured forever and I want you to be in them, not behind the camera. Life is truly made of special moments strung together in a beautiful unique web.  Please let me document your web.


I’m Sarah! I’m a mom to boys and love every second of it!!  My baby boys bring me so much joy and I'm lucky enough to be a stepmama to a witty teenage boy as well.  I'm a wife to a phenomenal guy who loves to make me laugh, pinch by booty, and is a fantastic cook!  Yes, he does the cooking and I do the yard work! We like it that way! Oh and we have a precious puppy that we love dearly and is the family princess.


Being able to say my “job” is to photograph beautiful souls and capture memories to last a lifetime is such a blessing! I’m primarily a motherhood photographer located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  It’s the memories that are unearthed through pictures that I love. I can guarantee you that more than a few candid pictures will be included in your portfolio. A loving embrace, a quick kiss, a shy look, a goofy pose, kids rough housing with dad, and the unfiltered smiles are only a few of the moments I will capture during our time together!


Whether you are an expecting mother who wants to document her growing belly, new parents that want to document the tiny toes, delicate eyelashes and plump little lips of your baby, a family who wants to freeze your little one’s growth with a family session or mommy & me session, a couple that wants to document their love, or you're getting ready to sell you home and want it documented both for memories and to sell, I am honored to be your photographer of choice.


Please follow me on Instagram at @SarahNolanPhoto to see my day-to-day life and my beautiful clients!

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