Soo…oils…I have been using them for 4-5 years and only recently started selling them. I started using them because I was having trouble getting pregnant and we wanted to boost our families immune systems. We were always plagued by the "winter cough" and frankly I was sick of it.  As for the fertility aspect, I didn’t want to take drugs right away, so I was trying natural alternatives. I have never been on birth control (and never will be for personal reasons), so all the shots and meds that the doctors were talking about freaked me out a bit. I honestly don’t know if the oils helped or not because in conjunction with starting them I had a saline induced sonogram and got pregnant.


From the immune support side, I 100% believe in them (and so does my husband). Washing your hands is so important and washing with soap that boosts your immune system is a total plus! I definitely tip toed into oils, but now I am fully submerged and love it! We take supplements, diffuse them, make rollers for sleep, congestion, allergies, tummy aches, etc., clean with them and only them, and the list goes on. Chemicals have been significantly minimized in my home and my family is healthier for it. I truly believe that we get over colds faster and that in general we are healthier because of our use of oils and the lack of chemicals.  I think the coughs were drawn out because I was clorox wiping everything in sight.  Since switching to thieves cleaner, soap, sanitizer, and oil, we all seem healthier and the duration of our colds are less.

Pain relief is another way that we use oils frequently.  My husband had back surgery years ago and suffers from chronic backspin, so I massage him with oils to help relieve the pain.  It doesn't take it completely away, but it alleviates it enough to avoid taking medication which is huge in itself.  

Sleep, oh glorious sleep!  Give me all the calming oils there are because with two boys who are go, go, go, and would party with mama alllll night long, I need them to sleep and calm down for naps/quiet time.  Lavender and Stress Away are my go to oils for calmness at the moment, but there are lots of others out there.  I definitely go through phases and switch up my oil use based on the seasons.  

One of my all time favorite lines is the KidScents line because with little ones who can't take decongestants or other supplements/medications, it's so comforting to have an alternative for them.  

If you are interested in essential oils, send me an email or check out my website: I would love to guide you on your oil journey and answer any questions you have!  Never hesitate to ask me during a session either!


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