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Kendrick | 5 Months | Giovanni's 21 Gifts

Kendrick aka "Kenny" is a sweet baby boy who is a fighter and super adorable!! Just look at that little face!! He was born premature at 29 weeks with down syndrome and is undergoing heart surgery today. Please keep him and his mama in your prayers. I cannot imagine the worry of his mother and I pray with all my heart that the Lord guides the doctors' hands while fixing baby Kenny's heart and that Kenny is stronger than ever after his surgery.

It was a rainy Saturday morning, but this little guy sure brought the sunshine! She smiled at me, played with his hands, arched his tiny little neck, and was a complete doll baby to photograph!! We had to reschedule a few times due to illness on both our parts, but I think it happened for a reason because our mini session was perfect! This was the first complimentary session that I offer through Giovanni's 21 Gifts and it was the perfect first! I hope it's not the last because it was so enjoyable!!