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2017...goals and things

As most of you can probably tell, blogging isn’t my strong point, but what isn’t abundantly clear is that I do thoroughly enjoy it when I make time for it. It’s that whole “making time” thing that gets in the way. I pride myself on 24 hour sneak peeks, galleries within 2 weeks, play dates for Maxwell, being there for our teenager, couple time, and you know, maybe a little, teeny tiny bit of me time! Finding time for blogging is tough…or my workflow needs some major work. It’s probably the latter, so this year I am going to work on being more productive with my time. It’s absolutely amazing how much more you value your time once you have kids. This year has flown by and the amount of guilt I have felt for not giving my kids, husband, parents, sibling, friends and clients my 100% attention all the time is crushing.

I am going to have “Office Hours” for the first time ever and while I will have to work outside of these hours at times and always for sessions, I hope to be able to be more productive. Just knowing that I have time set aside for editing, blogging, researching, learning, and improving my business, eases stress. Coupled in this is that I will be putting my phone down more often and checking social media less. I cannot and will not ever be off of social media because my business relies on it and it’s a huge source of connecting with friends and family, but being on social media less will not hurt either.

During my office hours I’ll be editing, blogging, working on my website, and learning new techniques. Each year I pick one thing to focus extra on and this year it will be on lighting, natural and artificial. Revamping client galleries for more of an experience is on my list, but I have some learning to do and one minor investment to make before my vision can come to life. I am very excited about it and hope to have it rolled out by June.

Part of having successful office hours is having a space to work in that I feel creative and at peace, so getting my in-home studio/office in tip top shape is of prime importance! It’s 80% there are totally presentable for clients and for me to get work done in, but I want it to be perfect…as perfect as it can be for now without spending any extra money…which leads me into another goal. This year I will be thrifty and save more than the average year. Last year I spent way too much. I didn’t spend more than I brought in, but I spent more than I would like to.

Saving is a personal goal for my husband and I. He is rapidly and successfully learning how to trade stocks, purchase puts and calls, and read the market and individual stocks. It’s interesting stuff and I’d love to be able to contribute to our savings in a great magnitude than previous years.

Here’s to 2017! May it be amazing!