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12 Months & a Personal Milestone

Maxwell is a year old, well he was on December 30th, but he promptly got a stomach virus, then the rest of the family fell victim to it and then it snowed, so my dream of having his 12 month Mommy & Me pictures at the Hermitage Museum were put on hold for a couple weeks. All is well, he isn’t changing nearly as fast as he was there for a few months. He does need a haircut badly though. Daddy keeps telling him that his hair is “out of regs” and mommy has gotten the point loud and clear. LOL His hair will be cut within the month thanks to a friend’s MIL!

Oh and that personal milestone I mentioned in the title…I am FINALLY at my prepregnancy weight. Yes, it took me a year. A WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR. UGH. Every single time I mentioned that I couldn’t shed the last couple of pounds, please would say “You’re breast feeding right? The weight should just fall off. That’s what happened to me.” Why yes, yes I am, but no the pounds haven’t just fallen off for me. And no, I am not eating like a cow and being sedentary. I’m actually eating very healthy and am fairly active. I just wasn’t blessed with the body that bounces back super fast, so if you are a nursing mama and struggling with weight and comments about how it should be so easy, maybe, just maybe you are like me and needed the nursing to slow down for your body to start dropping the pounds. I will never in my life tell a nursing mom or any mom how quickly the weight will come or go because it is totally dependent on each individual’s body. I will say that I am extremely happy that a year later I feel great and like I am ready for baby #2 though!!

But, let’s not focus on that. This post is about my amazing ONE YEAR OLD baby boy!!! He’s not walking yet, but he sure is talking, crawling, climbing stairs, flirting, giving wet open-mouthed kisses, gives the occasional hug & snuggle which totally melt my heart, knows how to throw a tantrum, dances like a crazed-arm-flailing-white boy, and is finally on a sleep schedule (Praise the Lord!!! More on that later)! He says mama, dada, haha, hi, mimics our tunes, waves Hi, claps, responds to “How Big is Maxwell?? Sooo Big!” and is sooo close to taking a step leading us to having a runner. This boy doesn’t do much slow, so we aren’t anticipating a long “toddlering” period and we are ready for lots of bumps, bruises, and scratches. Hopefully the broken bones and anything more serious will pass over us. This one’s fearless and all boy!