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Monthly Mommy & Me Pictures

Taking monthly Mommy & Me pictures with my baby boy is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I am so thankful to have a super talented wonderful friend who happened to have her baby boy the day after I had Maxwell to swap pictures with! All of these images (aside from the very first one), were taken in a span of 5 minutes or less. While I only selected one or two images from each month, I have a lovely collection of 20+ images from each extremely mini session that I cherish deeply! Being able to see how Maxwell changed month to month, how he began interacting with me, how my body changed, and to document his personality is such a blessing. I struggled with outfits in the beginning, but by the end, I finally felt like myself and I think it shows. I will say that no matter how I felt about my body, the love I have for this perfect baby boy of mine and the love he has for me, shine brightly in these pictures! I vow to continue taking pictures with my baby boy and I also vow to do this for all future children because one day they will love that they have these just as much (or more) than I already do!

As moms, we are generally the ones behind the camera, so this year, I challenge you to hand that phone, camera, iPad over to your husband, friend, old kid, and ask for them to take some pictures of you with your little loves. You'll love them and so will they! The only catch is, you must print them!!! I print all my pictures and save them. I display my favorites and store the rest away. My fear of loosing pictures that are stored electronically is crazy high, plus what are the chances my kids will actually be able to access them one day... I print everything!

It's picture time! I keep staring at them and am in total shock that a year ago he was two weeks old, unable to hold his huge head up and now he is a high energy toddler who tears up our house and is constantly chatting and laughing and getting into mischief! We love our little wild man!

Lifestyle Newborn Session: Two Weeks Old

One Month: Lake Smith

Two Months: Red Wing Park

St. Patrick's Day: Friend's Deck

Three Months: Botanical Gardens

Four Months: Red Wing Park

​Five Months: Red Wing Park

Six Months: My House

Seven Months: Red Wing Park

Eight Months: Botanical Gardens

Nine Months: Red Wing Park

Ten Months: Lynnhaven Fishing Pier

Eleven Months: Princess Anne Farmer's Market Tree Farm

Twelve Months: Sticks Exhibit