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Discount Time | Thank You!

In honor of my TWO YEAR Anniversary, I am offering a HUGE Discount on Sessions booked this month and scheduled anytime in 2017!!! I’ve been a photographer for 5 years now, but I have been living the dream FULLTIME for TWO years thanks to you special people! I’m still in shock that I am no longer working my day job in corporate America and scheduling sessions during the evenings and weekends. Although I do miss dressing up, the adult conversation, my paycheck, and my lunchtime walks with VA...luckily I still get lunch dates, just a bit less frequent. Even with those, the grass is definitely greener (for me) and happier on this side! I am sooo beyond blessed that I was able to give that up, start a family, and feel so much less stressed, and the thanks goes to all of you loyal clients and friends! I treasure each and every one of you who has made this little dream of mine a reality! As I type this on my couch with a baby monitor next to me, the music going, “cheer” essential oil wafting through my house, and my puppy at my feet, I can’t help but smile and feel extremely LUCKY!!! It is St. Patrick’s Day after all, so LUCK is in the air! Yes, I am a wee bit dorky! Before spilling the discounts, I have to thank one more extremely supportive, loving, and hunky husband! Without him, I would never have taken the leap. He supports me every single second and I don't thank him enough, but I Babe, you're my rock and my #1 fan and I love this life that we live. Thank you! I love you!

Now that you've read that sappy stuff....

Without further ado,

20% off all NEWBORN Sessions

10% off all PACKAGES

10% off all Other Sessions

(Family, Maternity, Milestone, etc.)

*Must be booked by March 31, 2017

*Session must occur before 12/31/2017

Stay Tuned for more announcements! I have a couple special offerings coming soon and I am working hard on the backend to get everything organized for you! If there is anything that you wished I offered, please send me an email!

These cuties thank you too! Someone needs to be home to chauffeur the teen, so he can hang out with his friends :) And the little guy, he just loves his "mamamamamamamamamama" :) And these two sure love each other! The age difference might be large, but the bond is strong and this mama's heart is bursting! Lord, I am crying!

But seriously, aren't they cute?!?!

Much love,